Acting on your dreams

For several months now I’ve had a dream of starting an all-trans singing group. A place where nonbinary people can fit in and transitioning voices can be supported. I can’t remember exactly how I got the idea but I think the seed was planted by a post in my local Facebook Queer Exchange over a year ago asking about queer/trans choirs. I had already done some searching and realized that there weren’t any small acapella groups that felt like a good fit for me and I don’t fit well in choirs with binary categories (as wonderful as the Seattle Men’s and Women’s choruses are).

I’m usually the type of person to just make things happen. I don’t exactly crave leadership but I’m also not afraid to step up when there is a void. But for some reason my brain kept getting in the way of this idea. I could find a million reasons not to do it right now – I’m getting married, I’m planning a family after that, I was moving, I would need a whole infrastructure with a director and accompanist, etc. But I really do miss singing and I know I’m getting rusty.

Last week I was in a workshop where the facilitator was speaking about the importance of doing the things that you love and fulfill you. And I know I’m not prioritizing that in my life right now as much as just trying to get through the basics of chores, self-care, relationship building, and wedding planning. When I brought it up with my therapist she really encouraged me to just scale down my dream to something that can happen now and jump in to see what happens.

I luckily already had a dinner planned with the friend I knew could help make this happen. And after explaining my idea they were ready to jump in with me! So now I’m in the process of gathering a group and I already have a dozen interested people! I’m really excited to see what comes from this.

If you’re in Seattle, are trans/nonbinary, and a trained singer who can read music, feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining.

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