What do you love about yourself?

What are the parts of yourself that you love? The things you can appreciate without a long list of qualifiers.

I love my long, muscular legs with my thick, powerful thighs and my shapely calves. I like them better when they don’t have hair but regardless I love that they take me wherever I want to walk and they have never broken, no matter how hard I have taxed them.

I love my cute butt with its little dimples.

I love that my brain has a natural inclination to organize data and objects. I can get into the nitty gritty details and still see the whole picture. And even if the jobs don’t necessarily pay that well, it does get me decent job opportunities. And helps keep my house and my digital life in order.

I love my fingernails with their nice, deep nail beds that look great with polish.

I love my arms which have somehow managed to maintain some muscular definition despite years of not working out intentionally. And I especially love my left arm with my big tree of seasons tattoo.

I love my beard that grows in nice and thick and curls so tightly that it covers any imperfections in my face.

I love my empathetic heart which helps me draw closer to the people in my life and gives me motivation to make the world around me a better place.

What do you love about yourself? So often our minds choose to focus on the parts we don’t like, especially when those give us uncomfortable feelings like dysphoria. So take a moment today to appreciate your body, your brain, and your heart and maybe share a little something in the comments.

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