HRT Week 8 update

I just got the results back from my first checkup post-hormones. My estrogen is twice the maximum for recommended male range and on the low end for women (90.5 pg/mL). My testosterone is almost nonexistent (21 ng/dL). I’ve been swinging pretty radically between extremely depressed to extremely euphoric throughout the course of the week and my breasts continue to grow. I talked to my doc about the mood and she said that there is a 50/50 chance that more estrogen will make that either better or worse. So tomorrow I start with 4 mg in the morning and 2 mg at night (currently 2 twice a day). We’ll see what happens!

PS – I’m not taking spiro to suppress my testosterone because my T levels were already below the male range before I started and clearly I don’t need them now.

2 thoughts on “HRT Week 8 update

  1. I hope you’re able to get the mood under control. My impression is most people just take a while to find a good balance. Neat to hear about the breast growth.


  2. I am so envious! After about 7 *months* on estradiol (and triptorelin to suppress my previously fairly low testosterone production), I’m still at less than 50 pmol/l, a long way short of 330 pmol/l (your 90.5 pg/ml). I’ve just been prescribed 1 mg/day of estradiol (in gel form), double the previous amount. At least that will be reviewed again in a couple of months, so if it’s still not working I could go up to 1.5 mg/day then.

    I thought the estradiol was doing something, even if it wasn’t as dramatic a thing as I’d hoped, but it now turns out that most of the effects I was noticing were probably menopause-like rather than puberty-like. I’m not bitter at all. 😉


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