Bra feels

Today is my first time wearing a bra for a functional purpose. And I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. Every time I look down it doesn’t quite feel right, probably because I’m not use to that being in my peripheral vision. It’s not that it’s physically uncomfortable because I found a good Bali bra from HerRoom without an underwire but it’s just a new self-image adjustment. And in a way I feel a bit like I’m being deceptive.

When I was measured at Lane Bryant they told me I was a 42B but I really don’t quite have a B cup yet so I’m supplementing with my silicone breast forms and using a padded bra. It’s hard enough to find them in that size with the large band and small cup – Lane Bryant only had a couple for me to try on that didn’t fit well so I ended up going online. And yet bralettes don’t feel good because they end up flattening and acting more like a binder than emphasizing what I have.

Don’t get me wrong, this is how I eventually want to look. It just feels weird to go from very little one day to a full chest the next. I wonder what my coworkers think because I’m sure they’ve noticed.


The dress is a custom design made by my partner for when we went to see Hamilton made with a vinyl iron on from her Cricut. Also, I’m trying out a new hair color that was supposed to be a bit more purple but ended up Rose Gold.

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