Bra shopping adventures

After a month of searching I finally have some bras that fit! And it feels so right to have it on now that it’s the appropriate size.

I started out with a trip to my local Lane Bryant where I’m usually treated really well. Unfortunately the sales associate I got this time seemed taken aback that I would ask for bra measurements and rushed through it and then disappeared and wasn’t helpful in finding options. And it appears she measured me wrong too. She said I was either a 42B or 40C (anyone can look at me and tell I’m definitely not a C yet). But I tried on the few options they had for 42B and they didn’t fit well, especially since they were all underwire which I don’t need at this point. And the bralettes they carried had a flattening effect which is the opposite of what I want right now.

So I went home disappointed and decided to try online since my size is rare to find in stores. I first tried an order of 42B wire-free bras from HerRoom. And I managed to find a couple that looked good if I used my silicone breast forms. But the jump from having very little to suddenly being in a padded and stuffed B cup didn’t feel right. And the silicone against my chest made me sweat like a pig in the summer heat. Every time I looked down or caught it out of my periphery, it felt like I was an impostor for being so large so suddenly.

So this time I tried ordering some 42A bras from Bare Necessities. They just arrived last night and today I’m wearing the Coobie Comfort Bralette with molded cup inserts which lives up to its name. I also got the padded Leading Lady Smooth Wire-Free Bra which fit well with a little bit of room to grow. This time it really feels like the right size and shape for where I’m at. And especially with the bralette I like the comforting feel of the gentle pressure around my chest.

I still don’t have many options for shopping in stores with a large band size and small cup but at least I know what to look for online now. And I’m still growing of course so eventually I should properly fit those B cup bras. I’m at the 4 month mark after HRT now and while the growth has slowed down, they are still tender which means they are still growing. Hopefully I’ll have another growth spurt soon and my right side will catch up with the left.


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