2 year blog-iversary

Today marks my 80th post and 2 years since I first launched this blog with the intention of creating more representation of the joys and struggles of being an AMAB feminine nonbinary person. It is also the 2 year anniversary of when I first started presenting as feminine full time thanks to a new job with a supportive team. However my journey towards being conscious of my gender first started almost 10 years ago when I began discussing gender with a college support group. It has been 4 years since I went on my first date with another nonbinary person who helped me realize that the definition of genderqueer was broad enough to contain my complexity. And over 3 years since I came out publicly.

The experience of writing a blog has been surprisingly wonderful. Before this I never considered myself much of a writer and certainly didn’t do so for fun. I did it mostly for myself as a way of documenting where I was at in my thinking along the way. But also in the hopes that some young baby-trans person might stumble across it and find it helpful in framing their own thoughts and seeing themselves represented. I never imagined that more than a few close friends would be regular readers. And I certainly didn’t in my wildest dreams guess that 2 years later I would have gained over 50 followers and had 13,000 views by 6,700 visitors.

Now, thanks to my writing here, I will soon be a published author with a chapter in a nonbinary anthology. It has also helped me become a stronger and more self aware person and started many conversations that I hope have pushed people to think about things in new ways. Thank you to all of you who have supported me in this journey so far, especially my spouse and chosen family. I couldn’t do this without your continued encouragement.

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