Building my first cosplay

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge Steven Universe fan. On the surface it appears to just be a kids cartoon but once you dive deeper you find out that it is a multifaceted show about complex emotional topics with an amazing story arch and fabulous queer and nonbinary representation. Rebecca Sugar, the show’s creator, has recently confirmed that she is a “nonbinary woman” (yes, those terms can co-exist) and that all the gems are too. But more importantly, Stevonnie, a character introduced in the first season, is one of the best representations of nonbinary gender anywhere on TV. I nearly squealed with delight when it was shown in a more recent episode that they grow facial hair and have to shave. Which confirmed what I’ve been thinking for awhile – that I need to make a Stevonnie cosplay outfit.

My favorite convention of the year, Geek Girl Con, is coming up next weekend in Seattle. It’s the only con I go to because it focuses on intersectionality in geek culture and isn’t too crowded for my anxiety. The last few years I’ve done some really basic bounding (simple outfits merely inspired by a character) costumes but this year I decided to go all out. I’ve been collecting costume pieces for awhile now including a Rose Quartz gem, a Steven Universe crop top, denim capris, and pink Converse with a star on the side.

This weekend I did some major crafting and creating the best parts of the costume – Stevonnie’s magical shield and Rose Quartz’s pink sword. I used a child’s metal sled as the base of the shield and after several failed attempts to get the paint to stick, figured out a way to paint it with the colors and patterns using a matte spray paint as the base. For the sword I used a cardboard base with a dowel in the middle covered in craft foam and held together with tape and hot glue. I’m not totally happy with the hilt but it’s my first attempt so it will do.


Come see me next weekend at the Seattle Convention Center and check it out! More photos to follow.

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