The costs of being trans

Being trans is so damn expensive! Who in their right mind seriously thinks we do this just for kicks?

I just budgeted my out of pocket costs for bottom surgery and I’m looking at between $6,200 to $8,800 since there are no surgeons near Seattle and I have to travel to San Francisco to do it. I also just spent $400 on my name and gender change documents. And I’ve already spent $3,000 on hair removal with at least another $600 to go.

If you would like to help contribute, please donate to my transition fund: 

One thought on “The costs of being trans

  1. The costs can be measured through more than just financial expense. It’s so unfortunate that there are many who believe we are the ones who are not in our right minds for these expenditures and sacrifices.

    BTW, there’s something about seeing “out of pocket” and “bottom surgery” in the same sentence that made me laugh. 🙂


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