Inner Strength

I have always known that with my build and voice I will never “pass” as a cis woman. And I had to come to terms with that before I could begin my transition because it held me back from coming out for years.

But with my physical transition I think most people now read me as a trans woman which is really all I need. No one needs to think I’m a cisgender woman for me to be a full woman. I know that I am and that’s the most important thing.

Having this vagina now gives me an added bonus to my inner strength. No one else except people I choose to get naked around needs to know what parts I have. But now I feel like my sex aligns with what it should have been at birth and knowing that means I can stand up to transphobes without fear because I’m more of a woman than anyone they’ve probably met. I intentionally went through the work to align myself to womanhood and that means so much more than just accepting the cards life dealt you.

One thought on “Inner Strength

  1. Wow, I take a similar attitude to you on the passing thing. As long as people see me as a woman it doesn’t matter so much that they see me as trans or cis. I also have the advantage that the people in my life that know of my gender identity and my transitioning and accept me as a woman. The greatest of course is the acceptance of my gf of 30+ years. We had a pretty deep conversation the other day including my decision to have vaginoplasty. She doesn’t really understand my need for it, but that is okay, but at the end I asked her how she viewed me now. I was floored when she said she sees me as a attractive woman, especially when all dressed up to go outside.


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