Waiting Game

Right now I feel like I’m just resting in my cocoon waiting for my new vaginal form to emerge. Quite literally because my groin is sewn shut with a bolster over it right now.

Monday is the big day when I get the packing taken out and find out how it’s healing. Until then, all I can do it wait.

The waiting has not been fun because no matter what I do I can’t seem to get truly comfortable. My groin aches and so does my neck and back. Every night I get a low grade fever which adds to the difficulty of this side sleeper having to try to get to sleep on my back with a catheter tube coming out of the side.

The numbing ice helps as does the Percocet and CBD tinctures. But unlike many people, I don’t enjoy being high. I do it because I have to.

Soon I’ll get past what people tell me is the worst week and into a little bit more comfort. In the meantime, back to streaming mindless cartoons.

One thought on “Waiting Game

  1. I loved being on opiates when needed for pain, And I have had a lot of it, including 4 months due to a stomach mass. I surprised the doctors when I ask to come off them after the mass had shrunken enough that the pain dissipated. It wasn’t fun. I had to go to a pain management doctor to be tapered off. He used fentanyl patches lower the strength every two weeks. I guess I am saying this because it best to stop the opiates as soon as you can.

    I hope you don’t mine all my comments.


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