3rd Post Op

Today I had my third post op appointment with the surgeon. They were amazed at how well I’m doing. The swelling was a lot less than they expected, I was really clean, and there was barely any wound separation. Apparently I’m doing everything right.

I also got my catheter out (again) and had to do the horrible pee test. They filled my bladder with saline and in order to leave without a catheter I was supposed to pee into a bucket to measure that I got it all out. Last time I couldn’t do it and I almost thought I couldn’t do it this time. It feels so awkward to just pee while sitting in an exam chair surrounded by stirrups.

This time, after trying for an awkwardly long time, I asked to try it on a toilet seat to see if it felt more natural. So they brought one in on one of those hospital carts and I was able to pee almost immediately! My hunch was correct that it was the setting, not the swelling or learning new muscles that was the problem.

It’s such a relief knowing I’m doing things right and I’m doing so well. And to finally be free from the catheters. This week is about continuing to clean and ice and start weaning off the gabapentin. I also need to walk more which means getting to know our cute San Francisco neighborhood better.

One thought on “3rd Post Op

  1. I had the same situation because of an enlarged prostate. I field to empty more than about half. So the catheter stayed in until I had robotic partial prostate surgery. I still can’t empty all the way, about a 1/4 to a 1/3 still gets left in but that is because the distention of my bladder over the years cause a thickening of part of wall. My urologist says that this could improve in time. But now I on Spiro, so I am back to the days of having to wake up to pee. lol


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