Week 12 Update

I’ve reached the end of my intensive healing period! The 12 weeks of no baths, hot tubs, or lifting is over and I can now go down to only dilating once a day. That also means I’m back at work full time now.

Unfortunately the healing is by no means over. I tried having sex and I could barely feel my partner’s fingers at all. The nerves haven’t woken up yet so I have no sensation and it is going to be a lot longer before I can find out how/if orgasms work now.

I have my final post-op appointment in San Francisco tomorrow where I’ll ask about the nerve healing and find out if that is normal. I also still need help figuring out if my clit is just hidden or if something happened to it during healing. The doctor can seal off my granulation tissue at that appointment to keep them from bleeding frequently which will be great.

I’m very nervous about flying during COVID but hopefully the plane will stick with their 2/3 full protocols. I’ve also read some heartening reports about how masks are really working and cutting down on transmission even when there are confirmed cases on board.

I’m glad I can start returning to normal life a bit more but I’m frustrated sexually and hoping that the nerves wake up soon. My biggest fear about getting this surgery has always been that I would be in the tiny fraction of people who have complications that prevent orgasm. My doctor has tried reassuring me but she really can’t do much until she sees me which makes this flight worth the risk. Fingers crossed that I get some answers that calm my anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 Update

  1. I am wishing you the best Haven.

    And I can only thank you again for sharing you experiences. Of course, I knew in advance that it is not an easy recovery, but hearing your story makes in seem more real. Regardless of how things turn out for you, I am as determine as ever to have my vaginoplasty. It is really a necessity. I am ever getting more and more disgust with things down there.

    I am also hoping you will get your sensation back, and for your safety in your travels.

    I will have both my fingers crossed and my toes too 🙂

    Before I finish replying I also want to extend a big congratulations on reaching the 12 week mark. Have a virtual hug from me 🤗

    PS – I appreciate you.

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