Graduated from Pelvic Therapy

Today I “graduated” from pelvic floor physical therapy. Based on the referral of a fellow trans person, I was able to find a great place near my suburb where the provider seemed knowledgeable about trans neovaginas. She was great and helped me learn to differentiate between just activating the “quick” muscles and activating the deeper, longer holding muscles. For the past couple months I’ve been doing a lot of work to learn to activate them along with my core muscles more instinctively.

It was definitely weird at first because it involved “internal cueing” where she would hold a finger inside me to tell me if I was doing it right. There were also these fun adhesive sensors that go near your asshole that can tell you how strong you’re contracting. A very interesting experience overall but a useful one.

The original reason I went in was because I was having urinary leakage after peeing and I think we’ve determined that it was a physical problem. There is a little pocket by my urethra that tends to hold in a little urine after peeing and I basically needed to learn to wipe effectively since my labia are pretty large.

Anyway, that’s all probably TMI but hey, that’s what this blog is about!

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