1 year post surgery

I came back to San Francisco today for my 1 year post op for my vaginoplasty. There are a few things that have been annoying me so my surgeon and I decided together to do a minor revision surgery later this year. It should only take 3 weeks in town this time and 6 weeks of healing.

For the trans people reading along, the issues I’m fixing are:

  • The opening to my vagina is a little constricted by a flap of skin at the base that she is going to trim back so I can take bigger partners
  • My urethra has a little diversion that makes it hard to wipe thoroughly and often I leak a little when I stand up
  • My clit fell off during recovery but the underlying nerve bundle is still there under the skin but it moves around and makes it hard to get off. She’ll make a more distinct clitoral area and pin the nerve bundle in place so partners can pinpoint it easier.

Hopefully this goes well and helps me finally achieve orgasm. Fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “1 year post surgery

  1. I’m curious to know what your experience with partners has been up to this point. Are you enjoying sex with them without too much pain? Are they satisfied with what they can do?


    • Most of my sex is with women and other trans folk and while it has been frustrating not to orgasm, it has been fun and easy. Trying to indicate how to find the clit is the hardest part. The couple times I’ve had sex with cis men it has been difficult and a little painful which is part of what this surgery is fixing.


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