Fuck America

I cannot begin to tell you just how stressful it is being a trans person in America right now. I am someone with a lot of privilege as a white middle class person living in a Blue state, but even so, it is very very scary just trying to exist. Every day more and more of my rights are taken away across this rotting cesspool of a country. I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s safe for me to take a roadtrip outside of the West Coast again. And as the borders close in around me and bills constantly come forward from the right wing of my own state, I feel like even my own liberal bubble is threatening to pop.


“I dream of femme-inist worlds and futures and pasts where everyone (regardless of their gender identification) can be understood as a victim of a profoundly (trans)misogynist, gender binarist, and patriarchal world — where we can understand these things as systems that we are all indoctrinated in and produced through, where we can move away from talking about “male socialization” to talking about “misogyny socialization,” and how we are capable of doing patriarchal harm to one another and how the task then is how we create/remember new/old/different ways of relating, treating, caring, and laboring for one another.” – Alok Vaid-Menon