Transgender Big Siblings

More and more I’m getting requests from friends and acquaintances for resources for their own friends who have trans or nonbinary kids or for youth who need role models to see what it could look like to be a trans adult. And while I’ve added some info I found on gender identity in young children to my resources section, I’m starting to think that maybe what we need now is a Transgender Big Siblings program that would pair trans adults with families where the parents are trying to be supportive but need more than online resources.

The idea literally just came to me as I was reading yet another article that talked about a parent who has a trans daughter and is trying to follow her lead but fears for her future. And yes, the future isn’t as easy for a lot of us trans folk, but it is getting better all the time and it would probably be incredibly relieving for someone like her to talk to someone like me who has supportive partners and a job where I can be out.

Does anyone know if such a thing already exists or if there are other people trying to start this?