The week of skirts

I’ve never been able to wear skirts for an entire week before. Both because I didn’t own enough to not repeat and because I didn’t feel comfortable doing that at work before. But with the support of my boss and the acceptance of my team, I bought some additions to my wardrobe and wore skirts to work for 5 business days in a row.

I was really nervous about wearing skirts at work, especially the first time I met with the researcher I support. He has responded well to my gender fluidity at work but he is a middle aged white doctor from the rural midwest. But I have felt supported here and encouraged by my amazing partners to continue pushing boundaries and exploring the more feminine side of my gender.

What I’ve found so far is that I’m most comfortable in long skirts and I have a fair amount of discomfort and nervousness about wearing anything above the knee, especially with my hairy legs. Yes, I could shave but with how fast my hair grows that takes a big commitment. I have shaved them before and I love how it feels but not as it grows back. I did shave my chest for the first time this week to see if that made me more comfortable in feminine blouses that might expose some hair. I found that when I looked in the mirror like that it didn’t feel like me. It exposed my very masculine distribution of belly fat in a way that felt like it emphasized my dysphoria.

On the shortest skirt I ended up wearing tights which was a very professional look but wasn’t comfortable physically and didn’t feel like where I wanted to be gender-wise. Luckily fall weather has started here in Seattle so now I can go back to wearing sweaters which give me a great androgynous look.

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