V Day

I’m now the proud owner of a brand spanking new neovagina!

I arrived at the hospital this morning at 6 am and went in for my 4 hour surgery at 7:30. Took me a long time to fully wake up but all the nurses here are great and I haven’t been misgendered once.

The doctor sent me a photo of it right after surgery and it looked surprisingly good for fresh wounds. Of course now comes the swelling and healing part. I have packing inside, a catheter on my bladder, and a bolster literally sewn over my groin. I can’t feel much with all the drugs I’m on but the bolster is definitely annoying.

I just went for my first, very short, walk. I have to waddle in order to move and it’s very hard to get up. But the TV here has on demand movies and I’m in a corner room all by myself with a great view.

Visitors are only allowed for 1 hour so my wife/caregiver is back at our Airbnb. For now I’ll wait out the worst of the swelling with ice on my groin and movies while the wind whistles past my room and the fog rolls in.

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